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HolySmoke Convention
In Las Vegas? BTW, having done Comdex there for 11 years and having driven through it commuting to and from Los Angeles, I know there is no such thing as a weekend in Las Vegas if you're flying. There are 7-day trips: Sunday to Sunday, 4-day: Sunday to Thursday, and 3-day: Thursday to Sunday. And if they think there's a convention, the prices go down, not up.

Foot in Both Camps?
If childhood leukemia is really a bad thing, Andrew, we should soon be getting the upper hand. Idiot.

How about providing one single argument in favour of creationism backed by evidence? I won't even ask for solid reason.

Sadly, yes. In most of civilization, one must obtain a license to drive a car but need know nothing to raise children. It seems we are hardwired to collect positive feedback from primary caregivers as an essential mechanism in the process of growing up. If it isn't there, we're broken. And still looking for that one person they can trust to take care of them. Tragic, really.

Cheese Whiz
Let's see your sources for these. What percentage do you think occur in LEGAL abortion clinics or hospitals, and what makes your feeble mind think so?

False Christian Scum [1/2]
Exactly. It is really so sad and too bad that such things happen to a person, but if they can't function in a society, I for one, don't want them in it. Bingo. Canadian cities are in their proprotional mess for precisely the same reason. That and we find reasons not to hold people accountable for their actions even if they refuse to do so themselves.

Canadian Politics
Canada will never become a threat, unless of course you somehow get sucked into becoming bilingual. That's worth defending. More likely, Canada's resources (including but not limited to water) will become essential.

stargoat crap.
Delightful. Either it's something he would likely have said, fitting the pattern of my take on the synoptic gospels, or it's something I wishfully think he might have said (being somewhat of a fan and all).

christian freewill
Well, there was the New York City and Boston police departments.

Anyone is invited to call. The address is I've got 4 telnet sessions going, and am delighted to see much more action internationally than I see over the phone lines. It's just a normal Fidonet BBS accessible via telnet.

"Atheists who do no good"
When I was a boy scout, I was taught that if you told someone about a 'good deed' you did, it was cancelled out. I've always held that as an axiom. Ah, the nature of altruism. But even (the despised) B. F. Skinner would have probably agreed that once one learns to look more than 10 minutes into the future, one discovers that a balanced life is rewarding. Just not instantly.

And here I was, waiting for the shoe to drop. What church are you going to WHAT?

ask and ye shall rece
I guess I've just never had it within an hour of leaving the brewery to be able to appreciate any improvement on the shelf stuff. It tastes like salt water to me.

Assisted Suicide
Oh, there is never any shortage of people who know better than others how those others ought to live or die. When you count the number of assisted suicides (even the number of suicides) it is a VERY small part of the population. There are many more people talking about it than are seriously considering it. Do you think that's a similar phenomenon to the people who don't trust the terminally ill to end their own lives? We are not

The pitter-patter of little fetus
Actually, he's full of shit and then more. I've never heard of a municipality or any other community here or anywhere that does not have a set of rules regarding medical waste. We don't want ebola-infected amputated feet surfacing at landfill sites, now do we? That's why hospitals have 800C incinerators and independent clinics have contracts with them. What does this idiot think happens to possibly infected needles? Ground into our Burger King food, no doubt. One of the reasons

Anti-Abortion Mania
Gun control here is simply a reflection of what the general population wants. Anyone who really wants a gun can get one legally or not. Hunting and sporting are open to anyone who wants to participate but they are simply not that popular. We really don't have a strong division of classes here, which I suspect keeps the motivation to take what others have at a lower level than one might see in other places. If I were black,

Canadian Politics
But, does every commercial good, product, rice crispies box have bilingual packaging? That's expensive to implement. Freeway signs for entire nation with blingual sets of each sign. The right to have any judicial process where you live in either language? Is Miami attempting to get the restof the country to speak Spanish, while remvoving all English signs from businesses, traffic warnings, and hospitals? I think it's a wonderful personal choice to make. English seems to be cutting it as the

Canadian Politics
I suppose. Obstacle would seem a better fit. I don't know anyone who expects a physical invasion. Economic and cultural influence will do. Yah, we wouldn't even know they exist if it weren't for their basketball team. This year, they busied themselves with *investigating* the armed forces. And they won. The top general resigned and an entire regiment was disbanded.

No. We're accustomed to citing sources here. Thank you. "Surprisingly, perhaps, for an age that was so familiar with Latin and Greek, the six committees were instructed to base their Authorized Version upon the previous *English* versions, translating afresh, but also comparing their work with the other vernacular Bibles, from Tyndale to Parker." _The_Story_of_English_, McCrum, MacNeil Cran, 1986. Further, (from the same reference) the Authorized version was released in the same year Shakespeare wrote 'The Tempest'. The vocabulary of

Virtual eradication of the existing population, since they did not offer free labour to mobilize the resources, and possession of the land. Not sure about the Irish; I believe most of them wound up in Maritime Canada, but the Scots found themselves valuable as mercenaries for decades in the American South. One of the few U.S. cities that regales with its own Pipe Band is Atlanta.