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[1/3] Allegory 1/2
They're jealous. The smokers get to meet Jesus sooner.

Replying to a message of Lynda Bustilloz to Michael Hardy: I'm new here, so please tell me to back off if I'm not welcome, but this looks like a place to jump in... There is no general overall motive to help people. An observer can always ask "who gets the payoff?" and discover varying answers. Depends on why one is caring. Wouldn't an obvious act of unconditional caring serve as a Christian outreach without cluttering it up with preaching?

Genocidal Prophet
May I add something? I, too have seen these prints, and they brought back some extremely unpleasant memories for me. I had the misfortune to be acquainted with a true psychopath who remained such until he died. He was a loathsome, lonely, egocentric tyrant. He painted quaint little watercolors similar to those painted by Hitler. Now, I'm not sure if it was the watercolors or Hitler himself who reminded me of this abominable person, but I knew him rather more

Further, these for-or-against actions are with respect to other people, not just a glowing admiration of god with a promise to try to do better real soon now. I like a system that suggests that what one does today counts for today. I think christianity undermines personal accountability completely.

Murder 4 billion
It's that coloured electricity they use for traffic lights.

Clearly NOT Shown.
So what? This a debate echo. To my knowledge he's never even been accused of lying. You have been demonstrated as a liar time and time again. And we should believe Bird and ignore what the court itself says? We should believe you when you refuse to check your sources?

Execute Her ? [2/2]
Then I stand corrected and apologize for the error. It can get pretty bad in Canada, too. I understood that Nelson Mandela represented the population of South Africa. I was labouring under the misapprehension that his acquisition of leadership was going to be a lengthy process. I read the Globe and Mail, and sadly have watched its quality decline over the decades. Most of what I hear about SA literally comes from you, and I welcome it. Thank you for

Gleeps and Demons
Because Jim Staal has never had an original thought in his life.

Anti-Abortion Mania
Toronto has been our largest city since 1971. It has a metropolitain population of about 4 million. I believe that is somewhat larger than Salt Lake City. Not that I would choose to live there. I like a community of about 1500 max.

Anti-Abortion Mania
That's one perspective and it's fair enough, but let's consider a couple of things: Handguns don't do much to keep totalitarian wolves away from the door; there are more effective weapons available at any weapons source, be it the corner hardware store or an underground arms dealer. Canadians and Americans have a common ancestory. We evolved differing mechanisms of common cultural interest and government to accomplish our respective goals. Canada is not the only country in the world where the

Rant Wars with "Commie Sue".
Actually I read this after I had seen and replied to your other messages, but no apology is necessary, Sean. This is HolySmoke, we don't want to become dull.

Anti-Abortion Mania
There is a difference between passing laws to restrict weapons from an armed society and eliminating those weapons. Of the shootings I attended during 10 years as a paramedic, perhaps half of them occurred during the heat of (often drunken) arguments where one party simply reached for the rifle in the cabinet. The U.S. has 10 times the rate of homicide per capita as does Canada, and you are correct in that the U.S. is approximately 10 times more densely

And where were you reading this, exactly? It sounds like complete bullshit to me. What reliable publication can I reference to check this out?

Probably. But the busier we keep him here, the less time he has to stand around the schoolyards with his candy bars.

"Flat Earth" Town
Gee, Sue, do you think they may have saturated the Windsor market? I think you have zeroed in on the phenomenon here.

Murder 4 billion
And so it is. That's what I get for being too lazy to go all the way across a room to look it up the first time. So, does anyone still read it? It's not in the Anglican _Book of Alternative Services_.

Darrow's Nonsense (b).
Have you ever read Darrow, Laurie? I think it's about time you posted your credentials. What qualifies you to criticize someone with a secondary school or higher education?

If there is a 'being' so powerful as to have been able to create this universe simply because it decided to, then I will be suitably in awe of it. That, however, does not preclude the fact that particles are particles or that time is time. Therefore I refuse to stop asking stupid questions. Any god that is afraid of questions isn't much of a god.

Virgin Mary
I just watched a piece on the CTV news about an office building in Seminole, Florida, and wondered if you had been checking it out. There is an office building with a reflective window treatment that is gathering considerable attention, as it seems to be the current vehicle through which the Blessed Virgin Mary manifests HerHolySelf. They showed a video of this building, complete with several hundred weeping, rosary-grasping pilgrims. I must confess that to me it looks like a

'First Cause' Crap
Have you considered a temporary moratorium on telling people what they do or don't believe, then, until you DO figure it out?