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Maybe we can work it into the Church of XYZ, as an optional ceremony. We could have vending machines that sold it all over the place. In fact, we could tell everyone that the proceedes of all soda machines go to fund the Church! Ok, it's next Tuesday now.... I really should hit that key, as the monitor's getting a burn spot in it!

It's simply amazing. He claims that he didn't do it. Then claims that it was a misunderstanding. Then he does it again. I guess he thinks everyone else's retention of previous postings is non-existant. Even dumber, he doesn't realize that many have archives of the particular message. Oh, well, he was fun while he at least sounded like he migh be intelligent.

You really should. After all, it took a lot of hard work to set up private GET_RON echo. We had to pull a lot of strings to get arond the general open reading policy of Fido. Then again, it had to come out sometime sooner or later. After all, even Steve Bedard's involved in that echo. I don't know what it is about that silly tagline, but i find it extremely funny!

And they say Europe's civilized. The barbarians! I bet they don't even have a good Chinese restaurant. I'd lobby to pull out of NATO, but we do have to insure the continued supply of good beer, though. It's time like this that I'd like to say I'm sorry for the poor guy..... I'd like to, but I won't! Hope he doesn't move to Wyoming.

Need for Hell and Aids
Well, then, what load of filth would you prefer? Thanks for your cooperation.

Re: Virgin Birth
That one's going for the all-time hit list! I got stolen for sure in Canada. I used it here locally, I think, but haven't got any comments back on it yet...

Virgin Births
I caught a bit of that in another message... I was under the impression that she was asked to be the mother. Do you have that particular quote handy?

Christian Soldier
For X-tian, PLO (permanent latrine orderly) This is good, _real_ good, X-tian Idiot. Your saying that if someone attempts to kill you, that's acceptable with your all-loving murderous god. Any good lawyer should be able to get anyone off of a murder charge by saying that the perpetrator wasn't intent on murder, but simply wished to kill the S.O.B. No wonder that x-tianity is putting this world back into the dark ages. It seems that it never left it.

did you hear the latest?
Blatantly not true. After all, it goes agains the slaw.

Freddie's nightmare
Hey, I was told that Goat Star was male! Do you know something we don't?????? Or, where you referring to Daisy?

I think that's a good assumption. Works well, when dealing with little kids that haven't got the background to verse opposition, or question properly. That seems to go without saying. Every time he has been pressed on the meaning and context of a quote, he talks like a clam.

Christian Support Cup
don' t Actually, there was another tree mentioned. It was the tree of everlasting life. God feared man would eat of it and "become like god himself". It was to prevent Adam and Eve from becoming immortal that they were banished from the Garden of Eden. After all, they know had knowledge of self, and could strive to be as gods, simply by eating the other forbidden fruit. Nice of god to be so mean to his playtoys in making

New Creationists Books
Interesting... There was just a news release on Thursday, stating that if anything was slightly different in the first trillionth of a second of the big bang, the universe would not exist. I didn't catch the name of the scientist or institution that released that info.

Re: New Quote File
Kinda hard to tell, as you didn't quote anything. Maybe it's you that is that dumb....

Wow! Just like in the movie _It's Alive!_ You remember, with the killer babies....

Warning! Pun Alert!
If I must, so be with it.... But I'll never be back, just like Ronnie Stringfellow, I'll never be back..... Ah, hell, as soon as I said that, you knew I was lying!

_New Scientist_ bonanza
Not necessarily.... Look at how the ICR handles their scientific studies. You may want to rethink that!

Aids Kills
Martin, rather interesting, isn't it. The disease developed in a population that was separated from another group. It obviously had different characterists in both groups. In fact, the disease was unknown to the second group. Yet, both groups are inter-breedable. Seems like speciation(sp) was on the verge of happening, until the intermixing of the European and Indian blood lines. Do you know if syphilis now affects the American Indian population the same as it did the early Europeans, or is

Collect call from Ciya; w
Robert, it's probably because you have your modem set with *70, and your call waiting has been disabled. Then again, if he was really god, he'd be able to respond at 19.6, even on a 300 b modem. So go figure....

How to be a twit
is Bingo! Give that man a no-prize... Alfred will be bringing that to your door shortly. Don't mistake his looks for a fundy, though.........