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Barraty Christians
The _Metro_ section of the Orange County Register, Monday, January 8th, 1996 Page One and Two has an amusing article about Kathryn and Douglas Wiser. Ms Kathryn Wiser is a Brea City Councilwoman. The couple identify themselves as "devout Christians." One quote from them: "When somebody does a wrong thing, injurious to any other child[sic] of God[sic], they seperate themselves from God[sic]. And they have to pay for it." Natually, the Wisers appear to believe that seperating people from their

Bible Follies
Wrong. Evolution is taught as a fact, since it is. Evolutionary Theory is not taught as a fact, since it is not.

Which one of the many "The" ice ages do you think "The Flood" might have occurd?

Cartoon in USA Today
/Smirk/ I was at a picket of O.J. while he was at the golf course in Dana Point. Well, we weren't actually picketing O.J.--- it was a protest against domestic violence, with O.J. as the posterboy. I'll let you know when the next one is held.

Er, your being able to discourse with me on any subject under the sun would be a most astonishing feat, as it would require you to have a functing cerebral cortex: you don't qualify. I assume you have some evidence that I have claimed "self- sufficiency," eh? By all means produce it. Thanks. Pardon me if I fail to see how you could "pierce" a "delusion" I do not have. (While you're at it, when are you going to produce

Star DeTracktor
Infidel! Just give me Tasha Yar's sister. Thanks.

Mark 11:25-26
Now THERE'S a giant intellect for you. /laughing!/ Didn't you even bother to READ the Satanic curse? It reads: "Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee..." Sure looks Satanic to me. (Just like most of the Bible.)

The Case against jesus
As far as anyone can determine, Jesus Christ never lived. Jesus probably lived. That depends upon which Bible one is talking about.

Gods, not god
Much like the Christian gods. What nation did the moon rocks come from? /smirk!/

But think of the benefits: They got to wear nifty uniforms! Hubbard often did exactly that: "overboarding" out-ethics flag members by tying their hands togeather and throwing them off the side of the _Apollo._ Not to mention, we have Steve Fishman!

Dead and unhappy
Oh, that's an easy one. The dearly departed prefers sunrises to sunsets.

Er, I said "Big Foot," not "Big Ass."

NUT CASE #326522
Too low to call that person an Astronaut. I wonder who paid for this highway, anyhow.

"More substancial" as in the cult issuing autographed photos of overboarding? I know of no better source than a.r.s. and court documents. ANDRE TABAYOYON AFFIDAVIT (PART IV) and ANDRE TABAYOYON AFFIDAVIT CD 13 19 August 1994 [cuts] 83. Miscavige, at this same briefing or muster, also picked out several particular staff members' surveys and read them to the crew so the crew could see how terrible these people were because they wanted to go to Vons market, or to

14c dating
You should listen to Dan, "Christian." "Even Preston?" Are you using Preston as an authority now? Why would you reject all of his other statements and yet grab onto, and accept as true, the ones you think agree with you? If Preston said 14c dating is only valid to 10,000YBP, he was mistaken. The common technique yields correct dates to 47,000YBP, and the new technique yields valid results to 100,000YBP. As scientists build better equipment to detect smaller amounts of

HolySmoke Central Committ
And a pleasent experience it is, too. As you noticed later, you did not say who was hosting the channel--- Undernet.

Top 1995CE Contributors
You mean your total should read 31,490? No kidding. Judging by Al's count, Satan must pay by the message. It pains my heart to see this blasphemy spread across the planet by this echo. /laugh!/

Laser tech
I would have to see it before I believed it. Er, hear it. The MKH-35 satellite is said to be able to read a newspaper over the shoulder of someone on a park bench, from orbit. I've also heard that claim made of the spy plane SR-7. Maybe I'll do an Internet search on "spy AND satellite" and see what shows up. I consider it an extraordinary claim, but one never knows.

Geocentrism #1 of 2
Some Christians are also Geocentrists. ___--------------------------------------------------------- Contra Mundum No. 6 Winter 1993 What is Geocentricity? by Gerardus D. Bouw Copyright [(c)] 1993 Gerardus D. Bouw To hear tell, geocentrism, the ancient doctrine that the earth is fixed motionless at the center of the universe, died over four centuries ago. At that time Nicolaus Copernicus, a Polish canon who dabbled in astrology, claimed that the sun and not the earth was at the center of the universe. His idea is known

Geocentrism #2 of 2
<continued from previous message> Contra Mundum No. 6 Winter 1993 What is Geocentricity? by Gerardus D. Bouw Copyright [(c)] 1993 Gerardus D. Bouw [PART TWO OF TWO---- SEE PREVIOUS MESSAGE--- drice] The geocentric theory explains the grains of space without violating any of the laws of thermodynamics. It takes the grains at face value, presuming them to be real. The medium of the grains is tremendously dense (4x1993 gm/cm3): so dense that one would have to pack 1039 universes