Five Messages From DAVE HAMILTON

God vs Religion
Ask the people on the West Bank.

Cultism in Kansas
It matters if you don't want to live in another Dark Age controlled by religious zealots. This issue is specifically about people refusing to accept scientific observation because 1) they are bone-ignorant of how it works, and 2) their religious leaders have managed to convince them that uneducated bible students know more about radiometric dating than scientists who have invested their entire lives in the benefit of the human race. Don't think it can actually happen in a country as

genral religious views
The apostles were told that if people were not interested in their message, to kick the dust off their sandals and move on to somebody else. Do you suppose they followed this advice or did they attempt to pass secular laws to enforce their beliefs?

Insane Fundy Rant of the Day
Do you actually take the time to answer these ignorant lunatics?

Karl's trademark
Hot wax, bashing your forehead against a stone wall. How much difference can there be?