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Union Carbide. Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 1439 Silver Xpress V4.00

You're kidding! Where are the building inspectors during apartment construction? 8-) Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 1440 Silver Xpress V4.00

intelligent critters
I haven't read it since junior high, but it greatly confirmed me in my wayward reading. He usually does funny stuff, but that one had a quite chilling end. If you can find it (it does occasionally get reprinted), try his novel "Martians Go Home!" It's a riot. Bruce Sterling's also done an excellent short story about humans interacting with an alien quasi-termite hive mind. Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 1441 Silver Xpress V4.00

a god's diet of rape
of It's a side-issue, but I think may want to give some thought about whether or not Samuel may have been doing a false prophesy with his choice for two judges. You'll have to choose among three choices: 1) God's prophet gave a bum steer about saying the first two judges should be anointed; 2) God's prophet thought the clanarchy should be continued; 3) he operated as a true channel, but was God was playing Israel for a sucker. Can

bedbug principle
*All* stars? The balance would shift, but *all* stars?!! to red I query that "any change is raised to its twelth power". I also strongly query that an increased opacity would turn, say, a yellow star (like ours) into a red star. As it is, it takes a fusion-induced photon to work its way, exciting atom by atom, to the surface. That works out to being very damn close to a glowing "black body." There is the twilight zone between

christian freewill on
Egyptian gods? Chinese gods? No flood myth there. Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 1440 Silver Xpress V4.00

christian freewill tw
open The counter-source you bring up "admits it probably a fabrication," but you still think this propaganda worthy of introduction into a debate to argue that pagans deliberately burnt the library of Alexandria??? Al, that smacks of fundy desperation! <Head shake> I They didn't keep extensive libraries comparable to Alexandria or Babylon; but we certainly owe our knowledge of Ugaritic and Babylonian literature to the fact that these conquerors did *not* go out of their way to destroy libraries. It

christian freewill th
It is a problem as to how much pagan philosophers were read. But, yeah, can you seriously contend that Christianiy encouraged belief in natural at this time? For centuries? Just over one century before Constantine is when it was considered to be at its prime! How many centuries do you have to go before you can name a Christian physician Galen's equal? Opus its How long before a Christian did? And did he or did he not run into theological

christian freewill fo
it Spain had a pretty flourishing literature, too. Lopez de Vega was no slouch in the theater--and you forget Cervantes? Perhaps with no time to waste on court matters, Francis Bacon could have done even more. many The character of P Pilate is an excellent example of how the Big 4 differ from contemporary assessments of the man and the career. He certainly didn't learn the lesson that you shouldn't fuck with messiahs--that's what got him bounced out of office.

christian freewill fi
the to a Reread all of the above: it's you attempting to dodge the demi-divine figures and the archetype Jesus fits into. I repeat: "Read the stor(ies). Supposedly he was afraid of being killed if he didn't pimp her out." You didn't go back and read the OT, did you? Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 1440 Silver Xpress V4.00 c

coincidence one
No, it is not as speculative. The speculation of a God to explain it is just a magic wand as to why it's unexplainable; the "God did it that way and ours is not to reason why" explanation is the death of scientific investigation. Speculation that it might be the result of some undiscovered symmetry is exactly the kind of speculation that has provided explanations. Invoking an otherwise unevidenced anthropic Creator is not only a completely different type of speculation,

eat neutrinos & die p
was how But You'd have to show that the changes would not also affect the production of supernovae. I don't think you can. You can't even show that the changes can be made independently. of Depending on the galaxy and supernova, a supernova shines about as bright as the entire galaxy. You want to be a *long* way away. And remember--it maintains that output for weeks or months. Even if the planet were enough distance away so that the SN

free will one
How can you measure the ratios of nonexistent things? The ratio you were speaking of was the electrical charge of proton and electron. As you've since found out, protons and electrons *are* matter. Your analogy is inconsistent to what your originally proposed. The parallel would be your assuming that if ice formed at a different temperature, then ice would be impossible. a IOW, "Don't call me on my mistakes"? We're talking things that few lurkers are familiar with (and, evidently,

free will two
a the If Al wants to mysterious instead of responsive, OK. In the meantime, he may want to read the physicist Robert L. Forward's novel, DRAGON'S EGG and the sequel (can't remember the name now, sorry) in which he worked out life on a neutron star. I 4. you cold In response to a mention of isotopes using the correct nomenclature (i.e., Arabic numerals instead of Roman) and your using since the incorrect nomenclature of dropping dashes before the Arabic

you OK--now can you tell me how the "two swords" idea applies before Christianity got secular power and before they even had any real hope of getting secular power? No. What does the word "priority" mean to you? the It went out gradually; most social changes are gradual. Have you read the passages in Jerome's letters to the women he was "special" spiritual advisor to advising them to not bathe at all? And this attitude ran way before Jerome. OK,

coincidence none
I think was referring to "relativistic mass" in accelerators, which of course is not a change in the intrinsic mass at all. Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 1441 Silver Xpress V4.00

christianity: thy nam
I have no idea; at present I have access only to a few newsgroups through the BBS here. I have no doubt that some of its hilarious articles have been posted, copyright or no copyright. Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 1441 Silver Xpress V4.00

like. Pre-Communist Albania was almost entirely Muslim. Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 1441 Silver Xpress V4.00

kaon decay and cpt sy
or I repeat--but with you, I have to. I ask a question about kaon decay. You give me half a screen that deals with kaon decay buried within five screens of something else; and you claim you're being straightforward and responsive? Or were you afraid of not keeping up the title of the "babbling bullshitter"? Al--from the above, you don't have a goddamn clue as to what spontaneous asymmetry breaking is about. You truly are losing less and less respect

more babbling email
Not till I get the chance to play your words back to you. After that, I think that it would be wise for *you* to drop it. in You're about to have the chance to read again what you wrote to me. It's quite at variance with what you say you said. my my I don't need to appraise Robert. I have your words to me; you have my consequent appraisal of you. Why does it keep happening to you