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Analogy is a comparaison Todd. A concept is an idea. Now back to this wood thing of yours. I want to chip in this bit I r ead awhile ago... I'll hunt down some documentation if I have to but: The Norse are said to believe God made man from a tree. Knock Knock Todd! Cindy SLMR 2.1a Clichs are bean-bag chairs for the mind.

Banned Books
Y'know? I have read a bit about India. Both fact and fictionalized fact and seems the goverment of India is a paragon example of bumbling burocracy at it's 'best' <or worst depending on your pov.>. "A Suitable Boy" is one such fictional TOME with tons of verifiable facts <according to the authoer; whose name I can't quite remember>. The politics of the book are fascinatingly convoluted. Now why DID Nathuram Godse kill Ghandi? Cindy SLMR 2.1a Cats: Murphy's way of

--oid words and racism
"You're obessed with me!" Cindy SLMR 2.1a Confucius say: If chain still swinging seat will be warm.

a su would ["n To kill a pc-ingbird. They're just words, alreday! Cindy SLMR 2.1a Confucius say man who step in it say it.

Seven days ...
Bravo. Much more realistic. cindy SLMR 2.1a Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.

Anybody notice this?
of So. If they never existed in the first place how is it you know without a shadow of verifiable doubt yours ever existed in the first place considering the polytheists beliefs were/are just as strong as the monothesist beliefs? Where is actual evidence of this metaphysical entity? Other than in of the imagination of human beings. Metaphysical entities. Well then, I'll save you some trouble. Don't ask him. cindy SLMR 2.1a Cool... I broke his brain.

Anybody notice this?
she was Physical. Repeatable. Recordable. cindy SLMR 2.1a Cardassian Cable: You see FIVE channels!

Aliens ...
How about some Manna? ========Merriam Webster============= Main Entry: manna Pronunciation: 'ma-n& Function: noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English, from Late Latin, from Greek, from Hebrew mAn Date: before 12th century 1 a food miraculously supplied to the Israelites in their journey through the wilderness b divinely supplied spiritual nourishment c a usually sudden and unexpected source of gratification, pleasure, or gain 2 a the sweetish dried exudate of a European ash (especially Fraxinus ornus)

Atheism Q and A
it En how! Exactly. Will Todd answer this one? him of Lots people say they've seen the Devil too. Santa... the Easter Bunny. is of Xmas, Easter...Holloween... <Which always 'start' at least two months in advance> sheeze. If that isn't a negative effect I don't know what is. Everybody has to put up with this annual garbage every year, year after year after year after year! Keeps the Economy going is the only reason its put up with. You know..

reality we is I suppose we could go look it up but then again... it would be a bit off topic here. The Japanese are supposed to be on top of it though. The technology. cindy SLMR 2.1a By the way, you're soaking in it.

Banned Books
Nod ...good idea. They give me good eyeball rolling exercises too. yup. Cindy SLMR 2.1a Criminal: one who gets caught.

Can Jesus be the Jewish M
Let's see. He's the one screwing up NASA's Mars Project right? Cindy SLMR 2.1a Decaffeinated coffee? But...why?!

is. of I hate corn. It's garbage. The only way to make it nutritious is to ADD something nutritious to it. I recall in James Michener novel, OK OK OK it's fiction... saying that the biggest difference between Mexicans and the Spanish is that the Spanish consider corn only fit for pigs. cindy SLMR 2.1a Do researchers know who *they* are?

Friend of yours?
the Everytime I bring that bit up and relate it to War, a hush falls over the maddening crowd. Then somebody way in the back pipes up... but we had to do it! For Our Country! cindy SLMR 2.1a Don't have a large herbivorous four footed bovine, man!

Should I hold my breath? SLMR 2.1a Dave, put those Windows disks down..Dave... DAVE!

Hmmm. What will Todd say to that? <I'm obessing again oh dear!> Let's see now... waiting. Cindy obessing over Todd. SLMR 2.1a Dawn crept across the lawn... searching for her car keys.

Don't Ask Todd
It's "willfully ignorant" to ask questions? Try answering some questions. The one above, for example. And I am not simply bugging you for the sake of bugging you. I honestly WOULD like REAL, non-evasive, relavent discussion enhaning answers to my honest information seeking questions. I suspect you can not distinguish between honest queries from those simply intending to flame you. Or is it that you actually ENJOY the albeit negative attention you get by refusing to answer any questions at

"We're gonna pray anyways
No kidding! Seems to be in the news quite a bit. Parents getting all bent out of shape sheeze. It's just a game... Cindy SLMR 2.1a Death to the..... uh... who are we fighting now?

much p mak with a nod. SLMR 2.1a Do *not* look into laser with remaining eye.

"We're gonna pray anyways
Really!? I loved that magazine. I found a MAD magazine oarchive recently looking for something else. hmmmm. Do you go by your Dan Cindy SLMR 2.1a Discontinue use of message if rash or redness occurs.