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Kosher and Gentiles
[Alan Hess] [Bryson Hughes] [HOLYSMOKE] <+[Kosher and Gentiles] [26 Feb 97 21:08][*][0]*> A little bit of info from the FAQ on Judaism: Subject: 17.1. What about (sic) "Jews for Jesus" or (sic) "Messianic Jews"? QUESTION: Are groups calling themselves "Jews for Jesus" or "Messianic Jews[sic]" Jewish movements? No, they are Christian organizations. Sadly, their membership includes persons who are technically Jewish, but who believe and practice Christianity. Subject: 17.2. Is belief in Jesus-as-God compatible with

History 1/3
[Sandra Peake] [Bob Moss] [DEBATE] <+[History 1/3] [24 Feb 97 17:08][*][0]*> Crossposted in DEBATE Crossposted in SKEPTIC Crossposted in HOLYSMOKE Smelling strongly of Teriyaki Sauce! Sorry, Sandra, it was a hoax, plain and simple. Get yourself some Internet access and FTP the file from my archives. Morris somehow forgot to tell everybody about it being a hoax, even after the hoaxster broadcast it! People were so ready to believe him that they never caught

[4 of 8] Noah's ARK - The Hoax (
SPLIT: 28 Feb 97 19:29:49 @2424/224 32433 04/08 his last flight over Ararat. In fact, the photo shown was taken by Bob Garbe, an Ohio pharmacist, while standing on the mountain. The photo has been analyzed and the formation pictured is too small to be Noah's Ark. Bill Crouse has reported that he provided Sun with the Garbe photo and identified its source, and that it had also been published in a book by John Morris with the correct

[7 of 8] Noah's ARK - The Hoax (
SPLIT: 28 Feb 97 19:29:49 @2424/224 32433 07/08 further defense of "The Incredible Discovery of Noah's Ark," with two pages devoted to a defense of the credibility of Walter Brown and his "Hydroplate Theory." (Virtually identical to Sellier (1993).) Teeple, Howard M. (1978) The Noah's Ark Nonsense. Evanston, Ill.: Religion and Ethics Institute. Till, Farrell (1993) "CBS Bible Series Exposed By Another Freethinker: Farrell Till's Interview Manipulated," Freethought Today 10(7, September):4. Trott, Jon and Hertenstein, Mike (1992) "Selling Satan:

[3 of 8] Noah's ARK - The Hoax (
SPLIT: 28 Feb 97 19:29:49 @2424/224 32433 03/08 his piece of wood, and Sun's program made much of it. Near the end of the broadcast, the narrator's voice says, over a scene from a dramatization of Jammal's fictional Ark visit and then a photograph of Navarra's wood: "Samples of the wood taken from the vessel have been dated to the time when the Bible indicates a worldwide flood occurred." This strongly suggests that Jammal's wood was tested, but it

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SPLIT: 28 Feb 97 19:29:49 @2424/224 32433 02/08 Morris published nothing about it, and other Ark researchers to whom he sent tapes of the Jammal interview, such as Bill Crouse, thought that Jammal's story was obviously untrue. The evidence was overwhelming: Jammal contradicted himself, but resorted to saying "that's what they told me" when inconsistencies were pointed out to him. He let Morris do most of the talking, and usually just agreed with what Morris had to say. He

[5 of 8] Noah's ARK - The Hoax (
SPLIT: 28 Feb 97 19:29:49 @2424/224 32433 05/08 I said it." When pressed, he did say that "I have no stomach for saying things that are wrong, and if I've done that, then yeah, I'll retract." A new article informing ICR followers of the hoax, if not a retraction of Morris' previous article, appears to be in order. A recent article by Morris (1993c) agreeing that there is no good evidence of "flash frozen" mammoths is perhaps a promising

[1 of 8] Noah's ARK - The Hoax (
SPLIT: 28 Feb 97 19:29:49 @2424/224 32433 01/08 Author: James Lippard (, David Bloomberg ( Title: Sun Pictures and the Noah's Ark Hoax Sun Goes Down in Flames: The Jammal Ark Hoax By James Lippard [The following article is forthcoming (perhaps in a revised form) in Skeptic magazine, vol. 2, no. 3, and is copyright 1993 by the Skeptics Society, 2761 N. Marengo Ave., Altadena, CA 91001, (818) 794-3119 (individual subscriptions $35/year, $25/year for students). Permission has

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SPLIT: 28 Feb 97 19:29:49 @2424/224 32433 06/08 Balsiger has been politically active. He was involved with the Coalition on Revival, which is devoted to "rebuilding our civilization on the principles of the Bible until the day we die," serving on its steering committee from 1985 to "a few years ago" when he resigned (personal communication from Jay Grimstead, December 3, 1993). (See Porteous 1993. Some information about the COR may be found in McIver 1988 and Porteous

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SPLIT: 28 Feb 97 19:29:49 @2424/224 32433 08/08 a telephone interview, Larue said that when Sun came to him for their piece on the fall of the walls of Jericho, they brought a statement and asked him to read it. He said it wasn't exactly the statement he would have made, but it was mostly in accord with his views. He went on to say, "I read this and was given the opportunity to expound on why I didn't

No Jew, period. Those are Paulists, not Jews. No Jew, period. They are converts, perhaps but a convert is no longer a Jew. That is Jesus, the Jew not the Mithraicized myth. No Hitler was a Christian with no Jewish blood at all.

See his later post right out of the handbooks of Torquemada and the Nazis. ++GMAIL 1.3++

However, there are no Christian Jews period. ++GMAIL 1.3++ Alec {Abraham Ephraim Ben David} Grynszpan

ROTFLMAO!! Talk about delusions! "I'm right and will go to heaven because I'm right." No logic at all! Mine wouldn't give him the time of day! A pissant pipsqueak that cons you into believing him on blind faith! No better than those loonies that offed themselves because they BELIEVED thet Hale-Bopp was more than some rock and gas! A rock can ignore us. That makes the rock god?!? You lost Pascal's wager, schmuck! The real god is pissed royally!

They can call themselves Pointy-Eared Plutonians. That doesn't make them that. There are no Messianic Jews in the correct meaning. The term is an oxymoron.

Evolutionary Dead Weight.
Particularly since they were Creationists by your own admission. Based on the Appleton method, you have verified that becoming an evolutionist is better than achieving sainthood! Thank you! ++GMAIL 1.3++

Water and Flood (b)
Name one, Laurie. Creationists LOST every single scientific debate! That's why the fact that Cretaionists never won any scientific debates is particularly telling. Nope that never happened. "Dumb Lauries" get exposed even faster. As you keep stating about Creationists: ++GMAIL 1.3++ Stupid fundy dickwad!

Alternative or Straw.
Except that it happened and continues to happen in simple, reproducible experiments. No evolutionist scientist ever said so. That's OK 1 followed by 40,000 zeroes is about right for it to have happened. That translates to 6 months in real terms. Stupid little dumfuk fundy those idiots used perms and combs to do their calcs! If they'd used proper constrained perms and combs based on the chemical properties of the various compounds, they would have gotten a 99.999999+%

Alternative or Straw (c)
Try Sydney Fox's experiments lots of proteins. Every protein necessary self-assembling. Then you know squat about chemistry. Johnson is a fundy Cretinist. All that you've done is show his selective quotations. ++GMAIL 1.3++ Stupid fundy dickwad!

Yes you have a problem with that? Of course, I'm backed by the laws of Halacha, the Talmud and every rabbi in the world. Nope. ++GMAIL 1.3++ What perpendicular universe are you from?